Announcement No.1/2016 (Concession of use of Camp “Papageorgiou” to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Network) Print
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On Thursday 11th of February 2016, the General Secretary of the Ministry of Insfrastructure visited NDF Headquarters followed by other officials and had a cooperative meeting with NDF' s General Manager, Major General Mr Stathias Georgios.

The meeting was held as part of the NDF/Ministry of Insfrastructure, Transportations and Networks ongoing collaboration on "Papageorgiou" Military Camp and the Ministry' s claime dright of passage, in relation to the construction of "Ionia" Highway, a Project of national significance.

During the meeting between the General Secretary and NDF' s General Manager, the two side' s good cooperation was reconfirmed and an agreement on the Ministry' s granted claim was reached followed by the signature of the relevant conact, in accordance with NDF Managing Board's recent decision.

According to above Agreement, right of passage through "Papageorgiou" Military Camp was granted at financial return to the Ministry of Insfrastructure, Transportations and Networks for a 49 years period.

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