Announcement no. “5/2016” “Signing of the Concession Agreement, in order to use the Indoor Gym of the former Evelpidon Military Academy, in the Municipality of Athens”. Print
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  • The Concession Agreement for the exploitation, of the former Evelpidon Military Academy’s Indoor Gym space and facilities in Pedion of Areos, was signed, in the Culture, Sports and Youth Agency of the City of Athens(CSYCA).
  • The relative ceremony took place at the Cultural Center of Athens.
  • The Convention was signed, following the relevant decision of the Administrative Committee of the NDF, by the Managing Director of the NDF, Major General Stathias Georgios and the Director of CSYCA, Mr. Hristos Tentomas.
  • The Ceremony was attended by competent staff of the NDF, members of the Board of Directors of CSYCA and other officials.
  • This concession, have been made in the context of overall supply of the Armed Forces to the Community and the current strategy of the Ministry of National Defense on the rational utilization of its property, based on the principle of favor of NDF contributory benefits, has great symbolic importance and is beneficial for the Army and its officers, especially though to the community of the wider region of the city of Athens, given the continued operation of the area as a Cultural Center and Gym.